Char Sheet

Ulfric Longshadow (Ranger) and Hege Frost-Touched (Wind Sister/ Ranger) made their way to Longwall after years adventuring together as members of the pathfinder society to assist in the defense against an Orc Invasion.

After many years they settled down there raising young Strykar in the forest not more than 15 miles from the Vigal city walls.

In a raid from Belkzen a small army of Orcs on their way to raid the nearby city fell upon the family in the forest Ulfric forced his wife Hege to carry their young son and go warn the city and keep Stryker safe while Ulfric tried to harry them from the trees and slow them down.

An Archer with the invaders managed a long range shot to the wing of Hege's griffin knocking the 3 of them from the air,

Hege cries out in the fall while she cradled her young son so that she takes the brunt of the fall.


Soldiers on watch from the city saw the fall and heard Hege call out and they raise the alarm. One of the mercenary captains near the gate with some of his men ran out to assist.

The captain a half orc named Gorok Stolar ( Brawler, Shield Champion) and his men made there way towards the area where Hege fell and they hear the Orc troops trampling in the forest, He and his men find the fallen and dieing form of Hege and guard the woman and the injured child.

During the combat Strykar watches as Gorok is dispatching Orc afer Orc bare handed while using his shield to defend his allies and Strykar and his mother.

After some time more troops from the city come and clear out the remaining Orcs and in the aftermath someone finds Strykar’s father impaled on a orcish pike surrounded by a half dozen dead orcs filled with arrows and his broken long bow at his feet and his hunting knife gripped in his dead hands.


In the coming days after the attack it was realized that Strykar was while injured in the fall would live to be fine but that also he didn't have any other family as both his father and mother had died defending him and in the attempt to notify the city.

Gorok who has a son of a similar age, Grok, brought Strykar home to his wife Ailith.

While Ailith is also mother to Grok she is also in charge of training new recruits of the mercenary band known as the Grey Shield, named for the grey skin of Gorok and his disdain for using bladed weapons and his penchant for using a cold iron shield.



Over time Strykar studied and trained with Gorok and other members of the

Grey Shield. Becoming a Shield Champion as well as following Gorum as most of the mercenary troop did.

At 19 a merchant caravan had intersected the band while traveling, the merchants where on their way to Kalsgard and had asked if any of them would be willing to join them as guards and at this age Strykar wanted to go out on his own and bid his adopted family farewell.

Over the coming months and years he honed his skill as a soldier and mercenary for many groups trying his best to help people and generally choosing to ally with the side on who he believes is good …….


Short Term:
Aquire Monks Robes
Improve Martial Prowess

Long term:
Master Martial Combat
Learn more about where he comes from and the nature of this mothers celestial ancestry
Find and over throw the forces behind the assault on Lastwall that resulted in his parents death.